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Transferred information in David Steven Howard Tree in Ancestry.com to this database 8/11/2021.
Lots of mistakes, working our way through the mistakes, bit by bit.
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At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
  13 May 2022
At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
  13 May 2022
Joe Howard Celebration of Life Announcement
Joe Howard Celebration of Life Announcement
  2 May 2022


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Flint and Roses by Jim Peck
Flint and Roses by Jim Peck
Play written by Jim Peck that gives insight into the character of Roy Peck, his father. 
  26 Mar 2022


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Tree   Last Modified 
Christofferson, Donald 
b. 15 Oct 1971   Complete 11 May 2022
Pro, Teresa 
b. 1895   Complete 9 May 2022
Uribe, Jose 
b. 1891   Complete 9 May 2022
Uribe, Jose Cruz 
b. 9 Aug 1921  Stockton, California, USA  Complete 9 May 2022
Uribe, Josephine Martha 
b. 3 Jun 1943  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA  Complete 9 May 2022
Jiminez, Alicia 
   Complete 9 May 2022
Howard, Joseph Anthony 
b. 21 Nov 1947  La Puente, Los Angeles County, California  Complete 2 May 2022
Qutub, Ray 
   Complete 31 Mar 2022
Peck, Jimmy Gene 
b. 21 Aug 1934  Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana  Complete 26 Mar 2022
Klapman, Martin MD 
b. 5 Oct 1913  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA  Complete 25 Mar 2022

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 I261  Niels Lindbeck Christofferson  I0167  Mary Annie Fodness    Complete 11 May 2022
 I23973  Jose Cruz Uribe  I23974  Alicia Jiminez  1942  Complete 9 May 2022
 I23976  Jose Uribe  I23977  Teresa Pro    Complete 9 May 2022
 I0381  Joseph Anthony Howard  I0505  Guillermina Jimenez  Feb 1970  Complete 22 Apr 2022
 I0381  Joseph Anthony Howard  I1088  Mary Kathrine Martinez  13 Dec 1974  Complete 8 Apr 2022
 I0381  Joseph Anthony Howard  I0506  Rebecca  Abt 1980  Complete 8 Apr 2022
 I0180  Samuel Schwartz  I0047  Alice Laibovitz  1 Nov 1941  Complete 8 Apr 2022
 I1871  James Weaver  I1865  Susannah Peck    Complete 4 Apr 2022
 I667  Bernard Howard/Horwitz  I1151  Marie Ann Morelli  8 Jun 1946  Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I667  Bernard Howard/Horwitz  I0510  Barbara Jean Bryant  21 May 1965  Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I0502  Ahron-Morduch Nochom Rubin  I0458  Khaysore Dobe Horowitz    Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I0435  Iser Jankel Horwitz  I0480  Sylvia / Zipa    Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I0424  Zalman Ber Horwitz  I0469  Rochel Lea Shust  9 Sep 1891  Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I728  Jacob Oscar Bloom  I738  Sara Sivia Birkenstadt  7 Jul 1914  Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I3995  Milton Horwitz  I690  Ruth Bloom  24 May 1942  Complete 31 Mar 2022
 I1165  Arthur Peck  I1450  Myrtle Gosnell  1907  Complete 31 Mar 2022