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Carol Jean Wehrwein 1946

George Washington High School, Alexandria, VA, senior photo in the 1946 yearbook, "The Compass"


It was early in 1942; our country had just become deeply involved in World War II; one last street was added to the Beverley Hills Community of Alexandria, Virginia and filled with lovely two-story brick colonial homes. Marge Lyman and her family moved into 708 North Overlook Drive and Carol Wehrwein and her family moved into a house across the street. Little did we realize that the friendship forged between those two young teenage girls would thrive and be so meaningful for over 70 wonderful years. Carol and I would meet each school day and walk five blocks to catch the school bus together; we walked home every day after school together; we shared homework in each other’s homes, and we confided teenage secrets with each other.

A major part of our lives was the youth group at Beverley Hills Community Church, where Rev. Bill Basom was our spiritual anchor during those wartime years of fear, anxiety, rationing, and concern for my father, who as a career naval officer, was on board ship fighting in the Pacific. Weekly meetings at the church, confirmation classes, sledding and field trips forged a close bond for our group of about a dozen teenagers that all of us remember to this day.

George Washington High School was our only high school in Alexandria, Virginia and we were diligent students and strong supporters of our teams and our friends. Carol was a member of the Girl’s Glee Club, along with Jane Reynolds (Hayum), Agnes Feild (Burke), and Mary Jane Abdill (Hunt), all members of our Youth Group. On the other hand, I was involved with the Girl’s Athletic Association and played volleyball, basketball, and softball. The statement alongside Carol’s senior picture in The Compass (our high school yearbook) for our 1946 class read: “Carol Jean Wehrwein – rated A by students and teachers alike” to which we all agreed. These were good growing years for both of us, and then we were all off to college – Carol and Mary Jane Abdill to Florida Southern; Marge and Jane Reynolds to Albright College – but even as our paths diverged, we stayed in touch with Christmas and summer visits and letters to each other and by 1950, it seemed those college years had gone by very fast!

And then came the news that Carol was in love and getting married September 9, 1950 – and Carol asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding where we met Roy Thomas. I remember flying to Detroit, Michigan for several days of wedding preparation and making our own bridesmaid dresses, which were all in lovely pastel colors. An added surprise was that my Dad happened to be on a business trip and arrived by train for the wedding of his neighbor’s daughter and to see his own daughter walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid.

And then on April 16, 1955, Carol was among my bridesmaids when Art Miller and I were married in Beverley Hills Church with Rev. Bill Basom officiating and Mary Jane Abdill as our soloist. Among those attending were Mr. & Mrs.Wehrwein, Roy Thomas, and three-year old Susan who was adorable in a pretty white dress. I still use and cherish the silver tray that Mr. & Mrs. Wehrwein gave us a wedding gift. Carol & Roy’s gift was typical “Carol”, and one of the most valued, appreciated, and ever so practical – ten kitchen utensils in a large waste basket

The years that followed were busy and family-filled as both Carol and I filled our homes with four children each – Carol & Roy in Colorado and Maryland; Art and Marge in Northern Virginia, then Potomac, Maryland and finally in 1974 to Pennsylvania. Thanks to Carol’s genius for clever Christmas cards and an eagerness to stay in touch, our friendship flourished over the years as we watched our sons and daughters mature and grow, marry, and begin families of their own. Carol and Roy traveled to Wayne, PA in April 2005 to help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, and Marge and Art were honored in 2010 to celebrate with Carol and Roy at their 60th anniversary luncheon in a Georgetown restaurant near Washington, DC. A few years ago, we gathered for a delightful luncheon in Exton, PA where Susan joined us and we shared pictures and stories of our families as well as our mutual interests in music and genealogy.

Now that Carol has gone on ahead of us, it is with gratitude and a thankful heart that I dedicate these fond memories to my longtime friend, Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas.

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