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Carol Jean Wehrwein, 1948

Holton-Arms Junior College, then Washington, DC (now Potomac MD to grade 12), senior photo in the 1948 yearbook, "The Scribe."

"Carol Jean Wehrwein. Carol takes an active part in Scroll, Scribe (yearbook), and Happy's modern dance, but she devotes most of her time to music. She is one of our most accomplished pianists, and last year she was in the Glee Club as well civic singing groups. The Call of the West is strong in this transplanted Californian, despite her varied activities here. Holton will miss Carol's determination and ready energy when she leaves this year."


Carolís mother and my father were sister and brother, and for many of our growing-up years the two families lived in the Washington area. Because of this proximity it became a tradition that we shared holiday dinners (always turkey!)

Aside from listening to endless adult conversation and expert demonstrations of turkey carving, what made at least one of these visits memorable was a kind gesture by Carol. Although she was 8 years older than I, on this occasion she took me and my siblings, her ďlittleĒ cousins, upstairs to play board games. Far superior to listening to discussions of the best way to counteract dandelions!

Our Grandparents held large open house gatherings to celebrate their 50th and 55 wedding anniversaries. Carolís family and mine stayed in the family home, and other relatives paid visits. One evening when I was 11 and had been put to bed, I stole a look out the window at the aunts and uncles sitting in the yard. Carol, then 19, wrapped a towel turban-style around her just-washed hair and went out to join the adults. This impressed me as being just terribly glamorous and I repeated it several times after we got home. My mother was not impressed.

A project of Carol and other older cousins at the anniversary gathering was trying to identify all the aunts, uncles and cousins who walked through the house, and determine their relationship to each other. This shared information was then carefully added, following much discussion, to the family tree diagram they were developing.

Carolís interest in genealogy continued the rest of her life. She did a great deal of research on the European roots of the families and was in touch with a relataive who had compiled a book which traced family roots starting in the early 1800ís in Germany. The book represented a huge investment of time, but was merely the starting point for Carolís own research. She generously spent quite a bit of time in 2010-2011 sharing this information with me.

Through our parents Carol and I were kept abreast of each otherís lives. I knew that she had married in 1950 and gone to live in Colorado. When I married, in 1959, Carolís wedding gift to me was a casserole dish with at least a dozen hand-written recipe cards inside. These presumably were fairly fool-proof recipes for the new bride. I still have a number of these cards, and every once in a while will come across one. It makes me smile.

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