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Marjorie Penrose - by her niece Lynn Johnson

Marjorie joins the Johnson family

We expected Uncle Dick to share Christmas as usual the year before we moved into our new house. This year, Christmas would not be like all the years before. Clyde and Jessie, Uncle Dickís landlords, were getting up in years and their health was failing. They owned a number of rental properties that were slowly taking more energy than they had to offer. They invited their niece, Marjorie Penrod [Penrose] to help them manage their affairs.

Marjorie came all the way from Utah. She was raised in the Mormon faith. Her father was a prominent leader, having had a number of writings published. Marjorie was a devout believer in the Mormon faith. This year, her mother had come to spend the holidays and Uncle Dick wanted them to share our family celebration. I remember their sitting in our living room and realizing Uncle Dick was not exclusively ours any longer.

I donít know if I resented this fact but it turned to be a blessing more than a curse. Uncle Dick didnít drive and Marge drove him everywhere. In the years to come she became more than a sister to my mother. Marge was a source of comfort and strength, filling in all the gaps for each of us. We could see how devoted she was to Uncle Dick. We were happy he had found someone special to share his empty life with. Still, our relationship changed that Christmas and would never be the same.

Notes: Clyde and Jessie were Clyde Macfarlane McQuarrie, brother of Ruth McQuarrie Penrose, and his second wife, Jessie Maude Joseph.

Second paragraph, "Her father was a prominent . . ." This was Marjorie's grandfather, Charles W. Penrose.

This excerpt from You Never Know What You're Gonna Get, autobiogrphy of Lynn Johnson.

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