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Four generations: great-grandmother - Jeannie W Wehrwein - Carol Jean Thomas - Susan Rebecca Thomas Treadway and Rebecca Mae Treadway 1975


Our Mom and Dad were delighted to have their first grandchild, Rebecca. I visited when Becky was about eighteen months old. Mom rented several key items for us to have hand at their home, including a high chair, stroller, car seat, and portable crib. Very helpful!

As a busy toddler, Grandma Carol and the new mom, Susan, were kept busy while Becky explored their Maryland home both inside and out. Such fun to share numerous activities, especially with some of the familiar toys and blocks Mom kept from our own childhood in the same blue and brown boxes. Neat indeedI

Much later on, Mom and I ventured forth together to visit brother Bob and his wife Debbie, who were stationed in southern Germany. Packing our belongings prior to that memorable trip was nothing compared to skillfully packing afterwards to come back home safe and sound. Oh yes, we had some shaky moments: maneuvering through German train stations, managing to speak a smattering of broken German as we went sight-seeing, taking many, many photographs, exploring the countryside where Bob and Debbie lived, and tasting new items from German menus. Yet, Mom was proud to say that daughter Susan was a Master Packer, since we had numerous bulky, fragile souvenirs which needed extra care and layers of protection. It was an incredible, wonderful trip!

Cooking and baking have grown in interest for me over the years, from when I first enjoyed Home Economic classes in middle school to marriage and having my own family. Much of the time, I don’t use a specific recipe, and yet some of the family favorites require using Mom or Grandma Wehrwein’s special take on a dish. We have quite a collection of their recipes both clipped from magazines and newspapers, but also in their own handwriting. Seeing Grandma Wehrwein’s familiar cursive writing when making Banana Bread, for instance, provides extra meaning and a unique connection across generations. Now, daughters Becky and Jennie also make this famous bread, even by adding in milk chocolate chips & omitting the walnuts in the case of Becky’s family —son Owen has tree nut allergies. Delicious all the time!

My hot dog fell out of the bun, while I was perched in an awesome big tree in the huge front yard in La Junta, CO. While I was devastated, Mom didn’t have much sympathy, as I recall .

I remember singing acapella in lovely harmony with Mom and Dad: “Follow Follow”

Mom collected "Jane Ace-isms" ("Easy Aces," a radio program written by Goodman and Jane Ace), which brought chuckles to me every time, very similar to spontaneously cracking puns by Uncle Chuck and his sons, Steve, Kevin, and Keith:

Time wounds all heels.
He has me sitting on pins and cushions waiting.
You could have knocked me down with a fender.
Home wasn't built in a day.
I look like the wrath of grapes.
Congress is back in season.
Up at the crank of dawn.

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