Rakov, Minsk, Belarus


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Notes: Russian: Раков. Yiddish: ראקאוויי. Belarusian: Ракаў. Hebrew: רקוּב
22 miles WNW of Minsk, 22 miles ESE of Valozhyn (Valozhin), 25 miles SSE of Maladzyechna (Molodechno).
[Not to be confused with Raków, Poland, ESE of Kielce.]


City/Town : Latitude: 53.97033678690025, Longitude: 27.05657958984375


Rakov Belarus Jewish Cemetery
Rakov Belarus Jewish Cemetery
This photo was taken about 2000 by Aleskandrs Feigmanis
Jewish Cemetery in Rakov Belarus
Jewish Cemetery in Rakov Belarus
This is another photo taken by Aleksandrs Feigmanis about 2000.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leah  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I9101
2 Sora  1807Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7922
3 Tzira  1774Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7917
4 Botvinnik, Celia  Abt 1897Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I15328
5 Botvinnik, Chaia Rochel  1872Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14570
6 Botvinnik, Itska Movsha  1791Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14262
7 Botvinnik, Mary  Sep 1892Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I4510
8 Botvinnik, Moishe  Abt 1872Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7840
9 Botvinnik, Zelda  Abt 1895Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7842
10 Golovenchik, Freda  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7841
11 Golovenchik, Neta Ayzik  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14254
12 Golovenchik, Nuthum  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I15342
13 Levin, Shoshe  Abt 1860Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I0375
14 Sagalovich, Brother2 of Meyer  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I9103
15 Sagalovich, Child #1 Shoa Victim  Bef 1934Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7818
16 Sagalovich, Child #2 Shoa Victim  Bef 1934Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7819
17 Sagalovich, Child #3 Shoa Victim  Bef 1934Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7820
18 Sagalovich, Hirshel Shoa Victim  Abt 1890Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I1162
19 Sagalovich, Lazar  13 Jan 1890Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I9100
20 Sagalovich, Max  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I9102
21 Sagalovich, Mordehay  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I11286
22 Sagalovich, Shmuel-Itskhok  1862Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I1014
23 Segal, Rose  13 Nov 1893Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I557
24 Segal, Sara  1 Nov 1886Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I1160
25 Segal, Simon  22 Aug 1902Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I1161

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Botvinnik, Moishe  Abt 1920Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7840
2 Golovenchik, Freda  Abt 1940Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7841
3 Golovenchik, Haim Israel Aharon  9 Tevet 1916Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14256
4 Golovenchik, Neta Ayzik  23 Shvat 1904Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14254
5 Golovenchik, Nuthum  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I15342
6 Levin, Shoshe  15 Aug 1930Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I0375
7 Sagalovich, Israel Yahuda  1922Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I16917
8 Sagalovich, Izhak  Shvat 1923Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I11285
9 Sagalovich, Shmuel-Itskhok  16 Jan 1934Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I1014
10 Segalovitch, Abram  1825Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7918
11 Segalovitch, Aizik Leibov  1825Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I7916
12 Sigalovich, Tuve Gersh  1811Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I29769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Golovenchik, Haim Israel Aharon  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14256
2 Golovenchik, Neta Ayzik  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus I14254


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ha-Levi Horowitz / Katzenelenbogen  1905Rakov, Minsk, Belarus F2672
2 Sagalovich / Levin  Rakov, Minsk, Belarus F504